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Ring and Nest doorbells

Smart video doorbell installation

Ring video doorbell Pro installation?! Nest hello video doorbell wired?!  No problem, we install them both.

What's included:

  • Removal of previous doorbell
  • Advice on the best location to install the doorbell
  • Mount video doorbell to door frame or external wall.
  • Connect the device to wireless network
  • If relevant, configure the device to give you real time alerts when you have visitors
  • Test product and demonstrate product functionality
  • Approximate installation time of 1 hour with 1 technician
  • Customer must ensure wireless strength is good near site of device and have wi-fi password available.

Google Nest Hello Doorbell installation in London

Cost of installation starts at £120 if we're replacing your home's existing wired doorbell, without chime and around £179 with chime, wiring and transformer.

Check availability and book a smart home installer.


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