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tv mounted on wall in London

TV wall mounting service

With wide-screen TVs getting bigger and flatter and space becoming even more premium in London, mounting your TV to a wall is a sound choice. Not only do you save floor space, but you can also make the most of your wall space. The only problem is, the bigger the TV, the heavier they are and TV mounting kits aren’t always easy to put together and mount. It’s all too easy for people to not get a screw right and mount the TV, only to see it crash to the ground. We’ll take all the stress out of the TV mounting with a quick, professional, installation service that will have you watching your TV with peace of mind in no time at all.

  • any size or make of TV
  • all types of walls: solid, brick or masonry, drywall or plasterboard, cavity or stud.
  • free placement advice
  • appointments to fit around you.

What's included

  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied TV and mounting bracket
  • Cable concealment within provider-supplied cover
  • Additional cables e.g. HDMI, power and aerial are not included and should be provided by the customer
  • Power outlet must be within 1 meter of mounting place. This service does not include running wiring or creating extra power outlets.
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware
  • Mounting brackets requiring assembly by the pro may result in other charges

Don’t risk your back or your TV mounting it yourself. Let TaskMan help you, to make sure that neither happens to you. Book your time slot today!

Instant online booking

If you're interested in mounting more than one TV please email [email protected] or contact us via chat ( Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Google My Business)


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