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Picture & mirror hanging service

Call In The Picture Hanging Experts At Taskman London!

Hanging a picture or a mirror on the wall should be the easiest of jobs, right? Well, not always—if you don’t have the right tools, you may well have to leave that beautiful photo or painting on the ground.
Even if you do have the right tools, you might not be all that well coordinated, and as handymen, we know the pain of a hammer not meeting a nail—but one very, very sore thumb?
But who likes a bare wall? Not us, that’s for sure. At Taskman London, we can help to hang all your pictures on the wall quickly and exactly where you want them. No fuss, just a wall that finally looks like you wish it did.
We also help with art installations, personalising individual rooms and we’ve even helped to install mirrors for ladies. We’ve got the drills and steps, you’ve got something you want installed.
No matter what you want hanged, we’re here to help—and we can also help with any other jobs you might have around the house while we’re at it. After all, that’s what we do—we’re the handymen with the tools and know-how to keep your home shipshape.
It’s time to get those pictures off the floor and up onto your wall: book your time slot based on our availability. We’re easy, fast and help you with all your needs.

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