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Bath screen installation

You'll provide only the bath screen and we'll do the rest. We can install it on any type of wall and we'll carefully drill into your tiles (we'll cover your tiles with masking tape to prevent the drill slipping), we'll check for pipes or cables, we'll bring suitable wall plugs, perfectly level your bath screen, attach the sealing strip and even bring our own sealant.

Looking for professional bath screen or shower screen installation in London? You've come to the right place. We specialize in providing expert bath screen and shower screen installation services across London, ensuring a perfect fit and finish for your bathroom.

All you need to do is provide the bath or shower screen, and we'll handle the rest. Our experienced team can install your screen on any type of wall with precision and care. We take the following steps to ensure a seamless installation:

  • Protecting your tiles: We cover your tiles with masking tape to prevent the drill from slipping and causing any damage.
  • Checking for pipes and cables: We carefully assess the installation area to avoid damaging any hidden pipes or cables.
  • Supplying suitable wall plugs: We bring the right wall plugs for your specific wall type, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Levelling your bath or shower screen: We use professional tools to ensure your screen is perfectly level and watertight.
  • Attaching the sealing strip: We'll attach the sealing strip to create a watertight seal between your screen and the wall.
  • Applying sealant: We bring our own high-quality sealant to complete the installation and ensure long-lasting results.
Choose us for your bath screen or shower screen installation in London and enjoy a hassle-free, professional service that guarantees satisfaction. Get in touch today for a free quote and let us transform your bathroom."


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